BRCA Exchange and information sharing

  • As next-generation sequencing increases our knowledge of BRCA variations, the challenge of determining clinical significance of variants becomes increasingly importantREF
  • The BRCA Exchange is a web portal to share expert-reviewed BRCA variant classifications
    • Is supported by the top experts in the field
    • Links the key variant databases
    • Provides expert validation of variant classification
  • The BRCA Exchange aims to advance our understanding of the genetic basis of breast cancer, ovarian cancer and other diseases by pooling data on BRCA1/2 genetic variants and corresponding clinical data from around the worldREF
  • Other portals are available such as BRCA ShareREF
  • Sharing variants in this manner allows variants of uncertain significance (VUS) to be efficiently reclassified: as either more likely to be pathogenic or non-pathogenic. Over time this should lead to lower VUS rates, allowing for more accurate interpretation of BRCA mutationsREF

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